About us

Homan coffee shop has a remarkable tradition in pastries. It has been operating for the last 150 years. Tradition imposes high standards and it wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for its original recipes.

Here you can find cream cakes, made according to the recipe which is more than fifty years old. Main ingredients are eggs, flour and sugar which are all carefully selected. The process of making cream cakes requires great skill and patience not to forget that it is all hand work.

Homan coffee shop revived the production of ice cream according to an old and a very time-consuming recipe where ice cream is cooked. Homan has the privilege of being situated on the outskirts of the villages, where farmers produce eggs, milk and cream, which are the basis for an excellent ice cream.

TIP: This year we have worked on a new flavor of our ice cream- cream cake flavor. We are very pleased with the result. Try it and enjoy it!