Homan House

It is civil manor house which is composed of three buildings. The house was restored in Gothic architectural style and some of the renaissance elements after the 1511 earthquake. The renovation is croved by the year engraved in the console balcony with stony bearded head and coat-of-arms of Kranj. Restoring the surface the frescoes of mediaeval soldier and saint Christopf as the other ornaments of the 16th century were exposed. Ivan Grohar – famous painter impressionist – who painted famous ˝ Loka in snow ˝ located here also enjoyed in keeping visiting the public house above confectionery.


Homan Linden

Homan linden was planted in 1934 in honor of King Alexander. In Škofja Loka people amusingly called it a “dog toilet”. Apparently, some neighbours persistantly persuaded their children to water the
linden tree with “their water”- urin. They sencierly hoped the linden would die out from the rich additives. The neighbors were aware that very soon the tree would grow and it would reveal its shadows. The
shadows of the linden todayoffer us an excellent natural shade in summer.